Writing songs from the heart

Most of our songs tell a story or make an observation about life.

They are almost always personal and reflect emotions and feelings that we ourselves have. There are exceptions but in general, they come from the heart. To write from the heart you must expose yourself. Let the listener in on your secret feelings that you might otherwise not reveal. It is the vulnerability that makes the song genuine. The listener can tell what is real and what is contrived. They connect with the real and reject the contrived. They judge your sincerity. The sincerity of the lyrics, the vocals and even the instrumentation.

This is a big piece of why I love to be a musician. There are few places in life where you can truly be yourself. Most of the time, I am a private person. Like most of us, I share my private thoughts with those closest to me. Through music I am able to share my thoughts and feelings in a very open way. I can say I am joyful, grateful, sad , offer an apology, celebrate my children or just make a joke.

It is all there in the music.

From our hearts to you.

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