JD loves to tell stories.

JD loves to tell stories.

That is evident whether you are casually having dinner with him, watching him and his band write together or watching them on stage in an intimate theater setting.

Make no bones about it, JD and his band The Straight Shot tell the truth; it’s interwoven in the eclectic lyrics that they write. His moving portrayal of current events in songs like “Under That Hood” and “I Should’ve Known” are evidence of a group deeply rooted in the social and economic divide of our time.

In a world where technology and information are so disposable, their ability to bring the listener into the here and now of today’s most important topics with their words is incendiary.

JD and his band are masterful both musically and lyrically. They love to write and find any opportunity to do so. During a recent tour JD was going through a particularly rough time and was expressing his feelings in a car ride. Erin and Carolyn jumped right in. Before we got to our destination they had come up with a chorus and a melody for a possible song.

So…sit back, relax and let JD & The Straight Shot time warp you with songs like “Glide” and “Ballyhoo” and be immersed in their latest dramatic interpretation of reality.

– from Alacia Parker, Tour Manager

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