Great Divide

We will soon be releasing a new song and video entitled “The Great Divide“. The song and video are about the ever increasing division in political ideology in our country. It is not a political statement but more of commentary on how badly we treat each other when we disagree. We have lost the ability to tolerate an opinion other than our own. It does not seem to matter if it is conservative, liberal or centrist. We cannot respectfully listen to a different point of view.

There is a section of the lyric that goes:

I know you hurt

I know you care

But all this hate will never repair

The Great Divide

It is a sad state of affairs when we cannot listen to each other.  The implications are ominous. As in any relationship, when you stop listening the fear of the other just grows. When you feel you are not being heard, you shout louder. It is getting pretty loud in here !

The Great Divide

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