Every generation has it’s music…

It seems that every generation has its music.

From the fifties right up to today you can chart the passage of time by the changes in popular music.

It feels as if the new music always pushes out the old. The children of the eighties still listen to their favorite artists and their songs.

However there is no new music. Greats like Billy Joel and the Eagles still fill arenas and stadiums to play their hits. Should they attempt anything new they are met with a much less enthusiastic response.

Don Henley recently put out an album entitled Cass County. Joe Walsh released Analog Man. Both records are great (in my opinion) .
Not many people have heard them. Why are all those Eagles fans so unreceptive to new music even from their favorite artist.

I have no answers.

I do know this. Life is long and getting longer all the time. It is not over at 60 years old. Soon that may be the midpoint for our children or children’s children.

We are all living longer. That means to me that there is more that I can do.

No rocking chair on the porch for this dude !!!

I am going to listen and make new music.
Join me.

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